In hindsight looking back to when I had my first wedding booking some 7 + years ago,  nervous probably didn't quite cover the feeling that hit and stayed with me right up until the day itself. Try anxious, edgy, tense, excitable and borderline neurotic!  I had always told myself and others that I would never ever photograph someone's wedding unless I'd had prior experience AND was 100% sure of what I was doing. So why or how I had come to the decision of saying yes whilst believing that I was missing these two fundamentals I had been so adamant about still baffles me a little, though in saying that I strongly believe that to ever be an expert at anything you need to push yourself beyond your comfort boundaries and of course a little belief in yourself goes a long long way.

And that belief paid off. So I had taken the plunge right in at the deep end and with only a few weeks to prepare I spent most of that time visiting other photographers web sites, reading books and researching photography blogs and forums. I even visited the church venue itself on several occasions to see how much the light changed at different times of the day. I’d hazard a guess that nearby neighbours were probably on the verge of reporting me for stalking! I prepared to the VERY last detail leaving nothing left to chance. But no matter how much you think you’ve prepared, no blog or tutorial can ever fully prepare you for your very first 'Wedding Day' experience as the main photographer!

But at the end of it all, the final results were worth it...! 



My style of wedding photography is very much based around the fashionable term to date ‘Photojournalism, Reportage or Documentary’ the label is not important but by and large the aim for me in simplistic terms is to blend in and become part of the crowd. To capture natural authentic candid images in reflection of how the day unfolds.  Real and genuine emotion that cannot be re-enacted or staged, for me there really is the no better way to capture memorable moments for you of such an important day.