How I came to shoot weddings is probably how most photographers enter into this genre, by word of mouth, by recognition of the huge ‘professional’ camera you're always seen out and about with ;) or hopefully through choice of seeing your portfolio and liking what you see. Who knows? In my case it was through recommendation from a friend to his sister. I toiled with the idea for a couple of weeks with all the usual arguments running through my mind the most forefront one being ‘what if I mess it up?’… the very idea of it leaving me with a heavy stomach.

But, the little voice in my head that kept telling me to ‘jump...headfirst’ won!  and so I spent a hours upon hours preparing for the BIG shoot day. I read blogs and I read articles giving advice on lighting and crowd control. I visited the venues more times than I can remember being seen numerous times by the bride and grooms family and fearing that the Church may report me for stalking! Nothing really prepares you though for the big day and nothing really prepares you for how you feel after when viewing the final images.  Aside from Boudoir photography it really is an intimate, rewarding and more importantly humbling (sometimes emotional) experience and huge privilege to be asked to document one of the most important days in every couples lives. 

My style of wedding photography is very much based around the fashionable term to date ‘Photojournalism, Reportage or Documentary’ the label is not important but by and large the aim for me in simplistic terms is to blend in and become part of the crowd. To capture organic candid images displaying real and genuine emotion in a true reflection of how the story of your day unfolds. 

For me this really is the only way to capture such an important day, the day even as a photographer can seem like it flashed past in the blink of an eye with so much going on and so many people to talk to and thank for coming I'm in no doubt that the images that I take can only assist you, the happy couple, in reliving your special day, precious moments you may have missed, the people you didn't get a chance to catch up with, the details, the atmosphere and all of the emotion that was 'Your Wedding Day'.