Boudoir is fast becoming a very popular genre of photography, Boudoir meaning a woman’s private bedroom, sitting or dressing room has been apparent since the early 1920's from Hollywood glamour to the Vintage Queens of Burlesque.  It is often misunderstood for glamour the illusion of course generally comes from viewing other artists stylistic interpretation of this genre, but it should not be mistaken for glamour alone.  If I were asked to sum up what Boudoir is for me, then I would say 'It is an intimately sensual and classically provocative artistic interpretation of a woman captured in 'Portrait' at her most vulnerably alluring, seductive and fabulously feminine self'.
So why is Boudoir for me? ...Well, lets be honest, there’s nothing more pleasing to the eye than a beautiful woman! I dare anyone to disagree? The wave in her hair, the smoothness of her skin and the curve of her body all shapes, colours and sizes. Beauty is only skin deep as they say so it’s a combination of what can be seen and what radiates from within.  I love being a woman and I love all that femininity represents.  In Boudoir, I found an area of photography that encompasses this and allows me to express myself not only creatively but encapsulate everything I have grown to love about still art. The creative edge be it lighting, post processing, manipulating the scene and building a story. 
Most important of all I have the unique opportunity of capturing the real essence of a person possibly at their most intimate and vulnerable. Grateful for having been given a unique insight into their journey of self discovery from the first click of the shutter to the look of amazement on their faces when they have viewed their final images.  After being pampered and preened along with careful and considerate direction of posing they see themselves in a completely different light, as the woman that they are and it's a real privilege for me to offer that gift of recognition and play a part in their journey.