We came, We saw, We Conquered...(sort of!)

What would we do without NCT Whatsapp groups during 3am early morning feeding sessions! I remember them well and beyond the bonding during these indiscriminate times I am happy to announce that we do still keep in touch with lots of updates about children, the perils of parenting, dealing with threenagers and for some welcoming baby no.2 into the world. Honestly, my team of mums were my saving grace. 

Are you part of an NCT group? Do you have babies that are approaching the momentous 1 year milestone?

I offer a wonderful package for all NCT groups of 3+ families. 


The package includes:

A photo session per family capturing some beautiful portraits of your little humans whilst they play.

A family portrait.

A group portrait of all babies. 

A group portrait of all mums (and dads) plus babies. 

Backdrop/Props supplied. 















































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