"A curious creative junky" that'll be me then! and admittedly I have always had this undeniable fascination with the world and need to explore different ways of expressing my interpretation of it. Lucky for me I found 'photography' or maybe photography found me either way we have been inseparable since. It was in 2010 I turned my curiosity towards the wonderful world of photography and I haven’t looked back since. 
As a child I was always described as 'hyperactive'… whatever that really means? My definition would be a child of intrigue with bundles of energy and enthusiasm driven by a creative mind...Ahem!  Even from an early age I was cutting up my own clothes and re-sewing them to make an entirely different outfit, much to my mum’s horror! Sadly, life after school like most people of my age back then, took me on a path that I was never destined for and although I knew in my heart I hadn't found my niche, I never gave up on the nagging voice in my head that told me what I was looking for was worth the wait. I had been dabbling in a bit of photography, mainly photographing friends and family to a point where I’m sure they would have banned me from having a camera at events if they could (though secretly appreciating the photos after).
And then I came across my friend’s photography portfolio (the very talented Ms Britt) and instantly fell in love with her vision in self portraits and the way she captured her surroundings. Life in Art! and I was hooked! I purchased my first DSLR, enrolled in a ‘Photography for Beginners’ course and haven't looked back since.  
When it comes to the character of people there's an inquisitive streak that runs through me,  so naturally my photography journey started out by capturing candid portrait shots of people on the streets.  It felt a bit strange at first like an unorthodox intrusion of privacy which swiftly become a bit of an obsession, though thankfully eased before breaking into the realm of stalker profile. A face can speak a thousand words and even more so when unaware of its own expression so its almost like capturing someone’s soul the very essence that’s makes them unique. In that one click of the shutter they are the emotion being projected immortalised forever!.. Almost voyeuristic you could say but without the sexual connotation. And so my love for photography began.
I started shooting fashion photography as a hobby which opened my eyes to an entirely new creative art.  This genre exposed me to a very different side of photography, a side that was staged and manipulated and  I instantly became fascinated with this new form of artistry. In 2012 I went at it alone organising my first Fashion editorial shoot, it was hard work and took a lot of organising but the final results were worth it  and I was in my element. 
I honestly don't remember when I first fell in love with Boudoir, it may have been when attending one of many organised photo shoots. But this love has grown big time, it is simply my 'forever love' Then came another shocker 'Weddings' I had always fiercely shy'ed away from stating loud and proud that I would never photograph a wedding unless I was indescribably at the top of my game and rightly so. And now with quite a few weddings under my belt I have to admit there's something so appealing about capturing the story of someones wedding day knowing that for years to come the photos will be looked at time and time again and will be a constant source of invoking happy memory's. 
So then there is Family Lifestyle Photography and here is where we end up. I've never been a fan of bland unsympathetic white walls and harsh studio lights. I love to capture real genuine emotion and that for me can only be captured in an environment that you truly feel at ease in. Candid style and photojournalistic images with a mix of portrait and natural shots thats lifestyle photography for me.