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"A moment in my tummy... a lifetime in my heart." 


Being a mum can be both a rewarding and exhausting experience. We use the phrase often 'they grow up so fast' but sometimes I think we may possibly be missing the point... because it really is true that our little ones grown up fast, one minute they're in nappy's dribbling and getting into mischief and the next they're 18, still getting into mischief but also on the verge of flying the nest. 


Hopefully you will have a number of photos of your children that capture the years throughout they're childhood as they grow into adults. But what tends to be missing from these priceless memories are photos of them growing inside of you. A bump and me, mum-to-be photo shoot captures the beauty of you and your bump during the most memorable time in our lives as women, as mothers. The saddest part being that many women will just about remember what it felt like to be pregnant and in my experience the majority ultimately regret having never had any photos taken at all during this time. 


Maternity photo shoot session's are by far my favourite, there is something so wonderfully intimate and precious about these type of sessions and having been pregnant myself I know from experience that 'bumpies' no matter how cute they are they simply cannot recreate the magic and beauty of a real maternity photo shoot. Your photo shoot is a very private and personal experience and the setting in which this takes place should reflect that. A mum to be photoshoot takes place in the comfort of your own home which I believe is an important element to the photo shoot, the images and the way I work. For this reason your photo shoot session with me is such an individual experience and your images will be unique to you and your surroundings.


In addition to a Mum to be session there is also the option of having a Maternity lifestyle photo shoot, this can be at a location of your choice. I always tend to recommend choosing an area such as a natural parkland (weather permitting) which compliments this kind of photography very well but ideally an area that you know and feel comfortable with so this may be your own garden or home, for example.  Your Maternity lifestyle shoot can be a solo affair or include your significant and/or children, the choice is yours. 

If you would like more information you can contact me direct, I look forward to hearing from you.



the first inkling of you, crept into her head, and she waited
as you grew she adjusted her thinking to include the idea of you
wrestled with uncertainty, fear, doubt crystallizing into acceptance
and with a growing feeling of excitement welcomed you
curving her hands softly around you
eyes soft, mouth plush with secrets
visible signs of transformation upon her flesh
until the taut regions spongy with protective cushioning
shaped to your tiny fist in smooth ripples
as you revealed yourself in small beautiful shapes
pressing longingly against her, your perfect foot
testing its first ground while her hands smoothed and stroked
peacefully absorbing not just the thought of you
but the reality of you into her heart.

Author: Elisabeth Komae Li