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I’m curious but I have no idea how to prepare or what to expect?

Without a doubt the very idea of a Boudoir shoot can be both exhilarating and nerve wracking all the same. To answer ‘everything you ever wanted to know about a Boudoir photo-shoot but were too afraid to ask’ I have put together a detailed explanation/guide about how to prepare, what to bring and what happens during and after the photo-shoot. 


Where does the photo-shoot take place?

I believe that Boudoir photo-shoots should take place in the most natural organic setting possible and where better than the privacy of your own home. This for many reasons, but mainly three. In the privacy of your own home is where you will feel most comfortable at ease and in control this will massively help to enhance your Boudoir experience. A studio space cannot recreate the natural organic setting that a bedroom or living space within your home has to offer, it’s as simple as that.  The last point and probably the most significant your images will always be different from the last client, personal and unique to you, based on the fact that every clients home is decorated differently. At home you are amongst your personal possessions that will ultimately enhance the images in a subtle way of showcasing your personal style.


Do you supply a hair and makeup artist?

Putting your trust in a professional creative stylist really does make all the difference to your finished images.  The choice is yours, you can choose to make yourself up or make the worthwhile investment in a hair stylist, make-up artist or both. I work with alongside a professionally qualified makeup artist. It’s an all-female team. I like to consider us friends more than work colleagues as it’s important for me to work alongside people that share the same work/life ethic. Professional, friendly, reliable and a little bit quirky – and you’re on the team!  :)


When do I get to see/choose my final images?

I pride myself in making sure that each photo-shoot is uniquely edited using the Love Miss D Photography signature style. I don’t mind admitting that I’m a little bit OCD when it comes to editing and to say that I pay far too much attention to detail would probably be an understatement. At the end of the day if I’m not 100% happy with the finished edits, I will not present them until I am I want you to love your images as much as I do and then some :) Following the completion of your photo shoot I will select the best images in terms of lighting, composition and pose, all three elements that show you off at your best. I will  make them available for viewing within 28 days on a password protected gallery for you to browse through at your leisure.  Your gallery will remain available for 1 month to give you plenty of time to make your final choice. 


How many images will there be to choose from?

During your photo-shoot session, my aim is to capture a wide range of images that best reflect you/your demeanour and the setting of your photo-shoot location. The number of shots captured typically depends on the length of your photo-shoot session but on average you will have a minimum of 20 images to pick from.


How will you use my final images?

Boudoir photography is a very personal experience and it’s part of my job to respect your privacy. I will never share images online or in print without your express permission and I will never sell images to third parties.  Prior to your photo-shoot I ask you to complete a basic questionnaire, which includes a model release form setting out the criteria for use of your images. I appreciate, as is the case in most instances that once you have seen your amazing images your decision may change. If so, simply let me know.

If you are happy and agree to let me show you off, rest assured I would never use your full name in association with your images used in blog or for portfolio purposes. Instead I always refer to you by your surname initial to ensure your continued privacy.

Either prior to your shoot or on the day itself we will discuss the completed Boudoir questionnaire, during which I will explain the details of my privacy policy.

All images that currently appear on this website and in any material published by Love Miss D Photography are used with permission. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding the privacy policy, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Production timescales

The turnaround timescales from the point of ordering depends on which products you decide to display your final images typically it takes on average 3/4 weeks from point of order to delivery.

If you are ordering your images as a gift, please take into account that the busiest periods are Valentine’s Day, Christmas and across the summer months May through to September. In which case your booking should be made 6 weeks prior to the date that the gift is due to allow enough time for processing.



50% of your chosen package is required to secure your booking and must be paid on the date that your booking is made. The remaining balance is due 14 days prior to the shoot date.

If you have booked a photo-shoot session only and prefer like to choose your own additional items from the a la carte menu, these will need to be paid in full on the date the order is placed.


Cancellation Policy

Please understand that your photo-shoot session requires more than just the time for taking photographs. It requires the scheduling, coordinating and booking of other services. If you must cancel your appointment, cancellations made within 48 hours of your booking will allow your deposit to be applied to your rescheduled appointment. Cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to your booking will forfeit the deposit, thanks for your understanding.


Can I refer a friend?

Absolutely!! For every new client you refer to Love Miss D Photography who books a photo-shoot, I would be delighted to offer you a £25 credit towards another photo-shoot session, a little incentive for you to treat yourself again in the future.  


Can I purchase a Boudoir session as a gift?

Yes sure, I can offer gift certificates for both products and session fees.


My question isn’t listed?

No problem, please give me a call 07958 914905 or drop me a line.


If you're still to be convinced take a peek at the Reasons to book

If you would like more information regarding pricing  drop me an email for a copy of the detailed explanation guide.