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The wonder of you!

April 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


So we find ourselves in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy! WTH!!… How did that happen so fast? Where has the time gone and crap we are NO where near prepared!! Are all very much pressing thoughts at this stage! With still so much to sort out, buy and read up on! UGH… it’s true what they say you’ll never be completely prepared no matter how much you ‘PLAN’


Planning has never really been on the priorities list for us, it was kind of a running joke that we would secretly boast about with pride. Plan? Don’t even know how to spell it, no, we don’t ‘Plan’ we live in the moment. Well if I can give one word of advice ‘Plan’ is a must and that’s the first rule of parenthood!


So back to bump, the photo above really does tell a story of its own. The fact that you see yourself every day makes no difference sometimes to the shocking fact that bump is growing and growing at a fast rate. Sometimes you wish you could control the speed in which it grows to allow yourself time for your brain to catch up with the very fact that ‘we’re having a baby’ This sentence is used quite often in our household… it’s a bit like positive affirmations, the idea being if I say them often enough they will sink into my subconscious and I will start to believe it.


So the wondrous third trimester has arrived and with little under 8 weeks to go its all systems go on the home front and with ‘Planning’ (there’s that word again!)


We went to our very first baby show a couple of weeks ago and was very much looking forward to it with the sole aim to buy everything we needed all under one roof… YAY! My intention was to be completely organized after this excursion… NOT. Far too many pushchairs, prams, cars seats, cots etc. on show for you to look over and decide upon. At one stage I turned into a woman possessed and could have been cast a part in the Exorcist for sure. Looking at the same pushchair for the 3rd time I turned to my OH ‘You have to help me decide’ I desperately pleaded wide-eyed and frantic, my OH who was very much in a state of composed level headedness looked at me with an expression that I can only consider translated to ‘Get a grip’! Who knew that shopping for a pushchair could be so stressful? 


On a serious note, the fact that my pregnancy has gone so quickly kind of makes me a little sad. Gone are the awful dreaded thoughts and anxiety about birth and I think the fact that we have started with our hypnobirthing classes has been a great help! Plus, time! Time in pregnancy as with everything else in life, is a great healer. Gone are the feelings of having an alien inside me (see post) every time the baby gave me a kick. These have been replaced with loving thoughts as the movement now feels like baby’s hand gently caressing my stomach from the inside… so cute! Instead of nerves I feel excited to meet our little one, I’m looking forward to the birth because I know that it will be my greatest accomplishment in life ever and any other experience in life just won’t compare.


Pregnancy is so amazing more than I can describe in words, if you’re a mum reading this you just ‘get it’ I will miss my bump for sure, even though we will have been together 9 months you spend a lot of that time really trying to get your head around a lot of things that come with pregnancy. It’s never all sweetness and light, stalks carrying babies, Bambi and tweeting bluebirds all round.


It’s the biggest reality check you will EVER have in life and once you finally get your head around it, the best feeling you will EVER experience, warts and all!


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