Pregnancy... what they don't tell you!

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Is it me or do you find when pregnant everyone around you takes on the persona of pregnancy guru! So many theorys, so much advice... who's right? and who's wrong?! 

The answer is anybody's guess, BUT as much as your friends and family are dying to tell you 'everything you ever wanted to know about pregnancy but probably didn't even know to ask' what the hell happened when they were in fact pregnant themselves? I'll tell you something for nothing my impermeable words of wisdom are as follows... (this is what they failed to tell you then)


Two little pink lines

You never know how your going to react when the 2nd line of the pregnancy indicator appears, it's probably not the first time you've actually done a pregnancy test and in the back of your mind your subconscious is standing there tapping her foot whilst rolling her eyes and thinking 'yep and this won't be the last'. But that one time the 2nd line actually appears your whole world turns upside down... A BABY! weird! A BABY inside of me? even weirder! or maybe that was just me followed by long periods of staring into space. Whatever your reaction don't beat yourself up about it, it's not all hearts and flowers and bambi waggling his fluffy white tail as birds tweet around your head. No matter what they do or don't tell you, this is real and a very weird concept that can take some time for you to get your head around! 


The First Trimester

Expect your boobs to expand BIG time! Expect them to hurt, Expect them to feel like 10 lbs weights especially when you get out of bed in the morning. Expect early morning every morning visits to the bathroom (get used to this it lasts your entire pregnancy) So you were a health conscious person who ate nothing but brown rice and lettuce well you can forget all about that diet for a while, stodge stodge and hmm yes please more stodgy meals don't even think about lettuce as the very thought will turn your stomach inside out and have you running to the bathroom. Sleep? Yes feel free anywhere you like, at work, in the car, at the kitchen table... no point trying to fight it the sleep demon will take a hold of you whenever and wherever you are. Your belly is growing at a slow rate but no one has a clue yet that you are in fact preggars and in any case your still trying to get your head around this yourself so both you and your partner are quite happy to keep quiet until you get the all clear. HORMONES! don't get me started, but expect to cry, worry, scream, shout and basically feel like at times the whole world is falling apart around you and you have absolutely no control... if you had little to no idea about hormones beforehand brace yourself your in for a very rude awakening! 


Your 12 week scan

'Oh wow there really is a baby in there'... I'm sure I'm not the first person to think it, put it this way, even after 2 positive pregnancy tests, falling asleep at my desk, eating my way through stodgy meal after meal and battling with 10 lb weights that have rudely replaced my once pert little breasts, I wasn't to be convinced I was pregnant until an 'expert' had confirmed this. Sadly your GP no longer provides this kind of test so you kinda have to go with it for a while walking around in some form of limbo unable to tell people and expecting a bump to appear at any given moment. So when your 12 week scan date finally comes around and your pregnancy is finally confirmed it's quite a moment in itself but seeing this tiny oh so real baby your baby for the first time is something else. You'll look at the screen and then at your belly and continue to do this 2 or 3 times before your eyes rest back on the screen in a mixture of awe and bewilderment... queue Bambi and those tweeting birds - this is your moment! 


The 2nd Trimester

Back in the game! Pregnant? who? me? Oh that's what that huge bump is out front, I did wonder. Apart from that you don't feel at all pregnant. Eating habits are back on track your more than keen, possibly over keen to get back into exercising again and you look in the mirror and feel like YOU, only a better version every day. Your simply glowing and err growing. Now's the time when people will start to spot your bump you'll notice side way brief glances before they very quickly look away, this will either make you giggle inside or feel paranoid like you should be wearing a Neon sign stating 'Yes, you were right the first time' So much so that you find yourself subconsciously trying to hide your bump. Then one day you wake up and its like you've doubled in size over night. There's definitely no denying it now, that's definitely a pregnancy bump and as more and more people acknowledge it you start to feel more at ease and slowly but surely you begin to wear your bump with pride and beam every time someone makes reference to it!


Pregnancy Related Symptoms

Word of warning, this is also the trimester when head aches can kick in which swiftly turn into migraines...Ouch! And if you are unfortunate enough to fall ill with a cold, settle in for the long run as your not aloud to take ANYTHING for it trust me I researched every website on the internet and the verdict... Nada! Heartburn... wow never had that before and really hope it doesn't return. Can keep you up all night pacing your living room floor as standing seems to be the only time it eases off. Peeing for England, they should put this one in the Guinness book of records. Rushing to the loo as the baby sits heavily on your bladder upon reaching the loo waiting for that oh so satisfying sense of relief as the floodgates of Niagra Falls begin to open and the disappointment that follows when nothing but a mere trickle comes out...(TMI) what the !?!?!? Insomnia... oh the joy! Thank god for Facebook, Google and Youtube at 3am!

But the weirdest and most wonderful of all is when you feel your baby move for the first time, they relate this to the feeling of butterflies... cute right? A few weeks later these are swiftly followed by a very obvious kick! Now that's weird and brings back your first moments of 'oh there really is a baby in there' and now  'oh my god its moving'. A friend of mine admitted that when she felt her baby move for the first time, it felt almost Alien only she was too scared to admit this to her friends in fear of being looked upon as weird! Let me tell you, there is nothing weird about considering your baby is an Alien after all you haven't yet met the bundle of joy and no scan picture can ever really mentally prepare you for that so when the movement starts it really does start to hit home that you have another being alive and growing and moving inside of you... Now try getting your head around that!


Final Thoughts

And/or potential words of advice, be prepared for your friends that now want to share with you all the horrors of being pregnant including the reality of child birth (in their experience) Wait for the weird and wonderful reactions when you announce it to your friends and family. And then there are the very odd and inappropriate questions that may be asked for example 'did you consider an abortion?' and 'are you happy?' Be prepared to adjust in your relationship with your other half, at times your crazed hormones take on a form of their own and your other half seems to be having the same pregnancy related symptom. It can be hard, but try to be aware and try to be patient, the both of you

With all that said and done and the 3rd Trimester waiting patiently in the wings and god only knows whats coming next, be conscious of the fact that you have been blessed with this gift and it will truly be the making of you with each passing day enjoy the moment of your baby growing, kicking and moving inside of you because this part of journey really does pass by ever so quickly. Take pictures, lots, write a journal, show off your bump and wear it with pride! 






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