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A little bit about me...

I'm a mother to a beautiful little boy who's soon to be heading towards the terrible two's (or so I'm told!) I do miss my bump, a lot, but now in its place I have a blonde, curly, crazy haired beautiful soul, my little angel. As predicted stocking up on the extra memory cards and storage space came in handy with the over obsessive amount of photo's that I took, last time I counted I was up to 32gig in non technical terms that's a bloody lot of photos, and that was just the first year! 

I am also a photographer but you knew that already, thats why you're here :)

The first time I picked up a camera was in my early twenty's and even then I recognised the beauty of a candid photo. I would take a considerably ridiculous amount of photos (their words not mine) of friends and family at any given opportunity.   

I am a bit obsessed with photos full stop and could sit for hours looking through photo albums, hearing stories, remembering moments, even from a very young age.  I'm particularly fascinated with old photos of the past going as far back as when my Mum was a child herself and beyond. That would be my super power to control time and be able to return to the past. I would visit every era starting with the 50's glamour of Hollywood to the free spirited swinging 60's and probably take far to many photos along the way. 

In life and as a photographer I love to capture photo's of real, honest and genuine moments for people so that they too can look back through their photos with fond memories, story's to tell and people to be remembered. For me you cannot put a price on precious memories like that. 

For this reason I choose to mainly photograph family's, maternity, newborns and weddings and events. BUT I am also a Boudoir photographer, there I said it! What does that mean? is the response I usually get followed by some fairly obscure facial expressions that make me secretly giggle inside. Boudoir is my forever love and how I define this question is this, in short...

"Boudoir is an intimately sensual and classically provocative artistic ‘Portrait’ of a woman capturing her at her most vulnerably alluring, seductive and fabulously feminine self!" 
and if that doesn't seduce your senses... then maybe this will click me!



 - Green is my favourite colour and I probably wear far too much of it...  Or maybe not enough!  

 - I’m indecisive as hell (can you tell) and it’s a pet peeve of mine and one I try to reign in all the time, much to the bemusement of friends.

 - I'm a clean freak, and theres a place for everything! I consider cleaning therapeutic believe it or not as it gives me time to think.

 - Charity shops! are a HUGE love I am completely obsessed and like a kid in a sweet shop scourging for hidden treasures ( I blame my mother!)

 - Friday's are the best day of the week for me with the endless possibilities for the weekend ahead and you just can't beat a lie in on Sunday coupled with heavy rain and trash TV ... yay!... though lie ins are a distant memory these days and trash TV has turned in CBeebie's and the nightmare they call Justin's House! 


 I'm self-confessed romantic ‘old soul’ battling with her inner Peter Pan, mischievous, full of humour, hardworking and tenacious...and now a mumma to add to the mix!

...I think that just about sums me up.