You will look and feel amazing!

There really is no substitute for having makeup and hair carried out by a professional stylist/makeup artist. This combined with a professional photographer ... that’ll be me :)   the gorgeous outfits supplied by you and a mixture of flattering natural poses to suit your body type plus bespoke editing all add to the recipe of ingredients required to provide you with the most amazing portrait images.

The perfect gift for you!

Really, what woman doesn’t want timeless classically beautiful intimate images of them? It’s the ultimate way to take time out of everyday life and focus all your attention on you, treat yourself to a day of pampering, celebrate a milestone birthday or to simply give yourself an esteem boost. Either way a Boudoir photo shoot session really is the best kept secret to indulgence every woman wants to explore.

You will see yourself in a different light

Before the photo shoot I ask my clients to complete a questionnaire about themselves, one of the questions asked is what is your best feature/asset and what would you prefer to keep hidden?  All answers vary, the point is that they always have a feature/asset that they themselves don’t like so much. However, post photo shoot after seeing their final images their reaction tells a very different story, eyes widen and grins get bigger in the realisation, admiration and acceptance for all parts of their beautiful body.  

Love Miss D Boudoir PhotographyLove Miss D Boudoir PhotographyBoudoir Photo shoot

The perfect excuse to shop!

Like women need one :) but, in saying that we all tend to put others first in our lives a lot of the time, we buy necessities and don’t tend to spoil ourselves too often. Unless it’s a special occasion and a Boudoir shoot calls for the need to put in some ‘me’ time! Indulge your senses and spoil yourself rotten.

It’s all about fun!

Boudoir sessions are rarely a serious affair, not with me in any case. It’s all about having fun, being pampered and preened whilst chit chatting away to the creative team, all girls of course! Alongside your favorite music playing in the background, we aim to make it a very relaxed occasion with a bit of a giggle thrown in here and there.

Creativity is the aim of the game.

And it’s in your hands! You get to be as creative as you want and can wear whatever you want be it corset, dress, heels, to t-shirt, boxers and bare feet whatever you feel comfortable with. Props! Can add an extremely fun creative element to your photo shoot. Just be sure to stay true to who you are, but remember we are invoking your inner goddess and there might be some outfit that you’ve always wanted to try but never really had a reason to, this is your chance to get creative and daring!

Love Miss D Boudoir PhotographyLove Miss D Boudoir PhotographyBoudoir Photo shoot

A gift for a significant other?

Husband, Fiancé, Boyfriend, significant other?... he/she thinks your beautiful when you first wake up, after a full on sweaty session at the gym and during your worst hair days, so … imagine how much they will love it when you surprise them with these intimate images of you looking classically beautiful. A gift as intimate and personal such a this would make the ideal gift for an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or even a Bridal Boudoir gift for your Fiancé the reasons are endless.

Bridal Boudoir

Let’s be honest, on the run up to your Wedding you’ve been stalking the gym and swapping cake for carrots to make sure you look the best for your big day. So, why let all that pain and hard work go undocumented. A pre-wedding gift is a significant part of any ‘Wedding Day’ and what better way to surprise your significant other imagine the look on their face when they see these beautiful sensuous images of the woman they are about to spend the rest of their life with … priceless right!


Love Miss D Boudoir PhotographyLove Miss D Boudoir PhotographyBoudoir Photo shoot

Still unsure? Shame on you! :) Why don't take a look at the Boudoir Expectations page for more information regarding what your Boudoir experience will entail. Ready to book or would like to know more? You can message me for further details here or call me for a friendly chat to discuss your potential photo shoot in more detail 07958914905.